The Panic Experience

In a secret facility, the US Government has been attempting to cross breed human DNA with the Dire blood from below, consisting of a supernatural gene strand from ancient god-like creatures of DireWorld, in hopes of creating the “Super Mercenary.” Instead, the cross mutation created a species of parasites, able to multiply indefinitely along the spine of the human Mercenaries.

After a parasitic outbreak, the military shut down the facility, and put it under quarantine. The experimented Mercenaries, in an effort to save the planet from infestation and themselves, have taken over the facility, learning how to harness the Dire blood, keeping the parasites inside their bodies until they can harvest enough blood to create the blood portal, bringing the beasts back to DireWorld. But, some of the Mercenaries can’t keep the parasites at bay and when the parasites exit… they need another host.

Schedule Your Terror!

Schedule Your Terror!

Park Hours:

Box Office open 7PM to 10PM;
Park opens at 7:30pm til the last victim is through!

*No admittance after 10pm even with pre-purchased online tickets.

Ticket Prices from $26 to $69

9/29/17 through 10/31/17


Sept. 29 & 30;
Oct 6 & 7; 13 & 14;
Oct 20 to Oct 22;
Oct 26 to Oct 31

Box Office Opens: 7pm
Park opens at 7:30pm

*No admittance after 10pm even with pre-purchased online tickets.

Parking: $5

Park Map


Dire World Scare Park
800 All America City Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678

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