Dark Realm

Here on the DireWorld Planet, you have found yourself entering one of the many fortresses of the evil Helvog Empire that remain scattered across the Dark Realm territories. Inside the Dark Realm are a variety of demonic beasts and evil angelic witches with an endless lust for pain.

Over many centuries the Helvog have been the source of endless despair on DireWorld. Their effort to destroy the Gods of Zentus in the “Battle of Light” have only made their hate grow stronger. You and other humans have discovered the ScarePark portal to this horrifying region of DireWorld and will most certainly die among these terrifying monsters too powerful to exist in our world.

Schedule Your Terror!

Schedule Your Terror!

Park Hours:

Box Office open 7PM to 10PM;
Park opens at 7:30pm til the last victim is through!

*No admittance after 10pm even with pre-purchased online tickets.

Ticket Prices from $26 to $69

9/29/17 through 10/31/17


Sept. 29 & 30;
Oct 6 & 7; 13 & 14;
Oct 20 to Oct 22;
Oct 26 to Oct 31

Box Office Opens: 7pm
Park opens at 7:30pm

*No admittance after 10pm even with pre-purchased online tickets.

Parking: $5

Park Map


Dire World Scare Park
800 All America City Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678

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